Monday, November 2, 2009

1/11-Day out with grandma and grand Daughter!!

Every Sunday is my dancing day but i didnt go.Instead,i went to see Micheal Jackson"This Is It".it is really cool.Thru the movie,u can see how humble he is even he is called "King Of Pop".
Felt guilty tat i didnt go dancing.Sorry Dean..i skipped 2 weeks in a row..

King of Pop talking with his assistant

His dancers cheering for him..

The super talented Guitarist..

Garden Lifestyle Cafe

Weird face...

Grand Jens and Grand Ash

Soap for everyone as all of us ordered set lunch!


Ashley's pineapple +++ (no idea)

my Granddaughter for the day..

Grandma for the day!!

Presentation was nice but frankly it is a bit hard to dig the yogurt(i think)..

The lovely and relaxing a plus for the place..

Combination of 3 peoples profile..
Overall Rating-(6/10)
Went shoppng after lunch..Jens and Ash both bought stuffs but i didnt...i must give Ash some credits for not using a lot of money tis time...
Paul Frank Stickers.

Ash with her high face...haha..look so weird..haha..

This 2 look so much alike..haha..i think it was one of her favourite...

Jens, Penn, Ash


Thanks so so much for the ya as a friend..

Me and ash was chatting about part time works and ash just said that she dont mind being a Mascot in singapore..haha...

Woohooo...Dessert is serve.....

Drove Ashley home after the dessert...the cars was starting to fill the road like Crazy.....

Ashley suddenly just poped up and says tat "gui lou" seems different in pictures...
Finally,i just want to thank Jens and Ashley for inviting me for the day...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29/9-Wen Jun

On tuesday,it was an emotional night for most of the people tat when to the airport to send Wen Jun to was the first time i send a friend at the airport so my feeling was pretty sad so as Nel.(she was the first to get sand in her eyes.)nothing more to say..let the

pictures below tell u the rest of the story..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

25/7-Cold day...

Just felt cold eventhough the big bright sunshines on me.

today i just finish my singing test.i was fcking wasnt really good but made the class laugh for a while because of the change of voice while singing.

hahaha.felt funny too.

After school,went to society and chat chat chat.xiao zhen told a lot lot of ideas about a lot of i'll try my best to do things tat u told me.

U know first join the dance club society.i felt a bit scared of xiao zhen because when she doesnt talk.she looks like one fierce and agresive i was a bit scared to talk to her but so on ,i slowly get to know her more and i think she is actually a joyful person when it comes to friend.her smile r very funny.She has many ideas in her mind serius and be playful at the right time.(u know la.i'm always in playful mode!!)after society,went to ice-cream house with pearl qing and few others.

Me,li yue and yue wen walked to Mutiara .yue wen had to author her school dress and li yue had to print a picture of her and yue wen.So,after tat,i took a train with li yue and had dinner with my family in the restaurant called 9888.(funny name!!!)

COLD COLD COLD for no reason..

will be uploading some pictures soon as the pictures r in my LOMO cam.